Signing Plates - Signature Platters.  

Message Signing Plates and Autograph pottery a gift for all occasions.

Plates, Sizes and Prices

Messages of Love on a Plate!.  Rather than the traditional Guest Book, ask your guests to write a message or sign their names on to a plate or platter, using the special signing pens.    I hand paint the illustration or picture of your choice onto the plate together with the names and date of the wedding or other celebration.  
Pick the size and shape of the Plate, Platter, Dish or Bowl. 
The average number of signatures or messages each item will take (using the front & back of the pottery) is listed below the picture, together with the cost. 
The cost of the plate includes a special signing pen & one of my hand painted standard designs & illustrations - See below for examples
If you wish to have a bespoke design e.g. The Church, Temple, Castle, Hotel, or other celebration venue hand painted this will cost an extra £60  (sixty pounds).  
See below for examples or to view more work please go to the Gallery Page of this Website.
Postage & Packaging is £15  (for the UK, excludes Highlands and Islands, NI and the Channel Islands - separate costs apply).  All work is sent by Courier.   
Delivery Time.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery of your commission as I hand paint & design all the work myself.   However if you require an urgent commission I can turn this around in 5 days but do not rely on this as it depends upon my work load.
Call  01963 23783 to discuss your requirements.
Or email:-
33cm Round Dish £90
Suitable for up to 50 Signatures
33cm Flat Round Plate £90
Suitable for up to 50 signatures
40cm Flat Round Platter £120
Suitable for upto 100 signatures
40cm Rimmed Round Plate £120
Suitable  for upto 100 signatures
40cm Square  platter £150.
Suitable for upto 100 signatures
Bowl 36 x 18cm £150.
Suitable for up to 120 Signatures
44cm Oval Platter £150.
Suitable  for upto 120 signatures
47cm Wide Rimmed  Bowl £170
Suitable for upto 150 signatures

Examples of my Standard Designs & Illustrations for Signing and Message Plates, Platters, Bowls and Dishes

You may choose one of the my standard designs & illustrations from below.  Or you may wish to commission a bespoke design or motif of your own. 
The cost of a standard design is included in the price of the plate, together with one special signing pen.  
Champagne Glasses
A standard illustration
Doves & Hearts
A Standard illustration
A standard illustration
Bride & groom with confetti
A standard illustration.  This can be with or with out the top hat!
Bride & Groom & Bridesmaids 
A standard illustration.  This can be with bridesmaids or pageboys!
Stork & Pram
A standard illustration.  This can be with a Blue or Pink Pram!
A standard illustration.  This can be with a Blue or Pink bow.  
A standard illustration.
Champagne Bottle
A standard illustration.
A standard illustration.  They can be painted any colour e.g.Pink, Red, Yellow

Examples of Bespoke Designs and Illustrations for Signing and Signature Plates, Platters Bowls and Dishes

Examples of some of the Bespoke Designs

If you would like a bespoke hand painted design there is an additional cost of £60 (sixty pounds).  Below are some examples of the bespoke hand painted one-off  original designs I have produced.    If you wish to commission me to paint your own bespoke design please call 01935 475299 & I can take details of your requirments.  Visit the Gallery pages to see many more examples
Elizabeth clark design bespoke plate design
Annette & Simon. 
Where married in Venice
Bespoke wedding plate design
Loraine & Simon.
Where married in Spain 
wedding signin plate bespoke design
Sarah & James.
Where married in a Stately Home.
wedding signing plates
Garden Wellies. 
This plate was a 80th Birthday gift for Norman who loved gardening. 
quirky gift ideas for weddings
Mike & Kat. 
This plate was painted to celebrate Mike & Kat's marriage in a Church.
wedding signing plates
Mark & Emma. 
Painted for Mark & Emma who were married in a Castle with a Moat!.

Signing & Signature Plates

Plate Stands or Hangers

Examples of Plate hangers & Plate stands that you can include in your order. 
Plate Stand
This plate stand is suitable for my Smaller Plates & Platters.  It will hold upto a 33cm Dish or Plate.  Cost is £9
Plate Stand
This plate stand is suitable for my Medium & large sized Plates & Platters.  It will hold up to a 40cm to a 50cm Plate or Platter, Bowl or Dish.  Cost £9
Plate Hanger
This plate hanger comes in Small Medium & Large & can hold my small & medium sized plates & platters safely on the wall.  Cost £7