Solar Panels
To make my business as energy efficient as possible we have installed solar Panels, these help power the kiln (when the sun shines of course) aswell as making a huge difference to my electricity bill.
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Preferred supplier of Signing and Signature or Autograph plates, Saturday 9th March 2013
I recently exhibited my work at a Wedding Fair at Orchard Leigh Estate just outside Frome, a nightmare to find by the way. However once I had found my there, I had a very productive wedding fair with two immediate commissions. It is a very imposing stately home which makes for a wonderful wedding venue. The views are lovely & the house looks very grand. At the end of the day I was invited by the owner to become one of their prefered suppliers. Actually its not like there are many Signature & Signing Plates suppliers in the area so competition was slack but it does mean that I can exhibit a platter at Orchard Leigh so any persepctive brides & grooms that are looking around might spot my signing plate & commission one from me.
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The last few days
I have this dilema about a blog for my website, the thing is that what I really want to write about is what I do as a ceramic Artist & Illustrator on a day to day basis which isn't much painting, but lots of little bits & pieces to keep my business going/alive. When I read other blogs they seem full of useful tips & hints about pottery painting. Well most days I just don't feel like painting, most days I have to force myself to paint. The thing is when I do settle down in my studio (actually it is a converted Garage at the end of the drive) and paint I love it, I put on a talking tape or classical music (can't paint to pop as I just want to bop!!) & start painting and before I know it 5 hours has passed & it feels like no time at all. Time has no hold over me. I love it. So if you need motivation to paint so do I. I read somewhere that it is best to keep to a routine and I tried to but failed to do so yet. So I paint when I feel like it & when a deadline looms - which is actually now!!! I have a commission that needs completing within the next few days. I have sketch out the design & transfered the designs onto the plate but I have yet to piant. Yesterday I visited the library in town & got 3 talking tapes (detective stories are my favourites) and today - well what is left of it ! I plan to paint. Just one more thing last night my dog Mr Scribble & I attended dog agility class, the first of many I think. He came home shattered & I was exhausted but still had enough energy to pop to our local pub for a quizz night. We came second if only the team had listened to me about Van Gogh and his ear & the name of the first Cartoon Cat we would have wone
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Mini Wedding Fair Sparkford
Hello again, There is a mini Wedding Fair at the Old Transport yard in Sparkford next to the Haynes Motor Museum, tomorrow Thursday 28th February 2013 from 5.30 to 9pm. A chance to see some beautiful dresses and wonderful floral arrangments.
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Took a commission today for a lovely charity Hemihelp - thank you Amy
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